Ground Up Earth Builders

Unique Precise Earth Buildings




CLEAN CONSISTENT PRODUCT – Our system requires fewer tie bolts through the form to produce a straight wall which results in less interference to the tamper when compacting the mix within the form and consequently our product is cleaner and more consistent.



STRAIGHT & PLUMB - At Ground Up we use a unique soldier and whaler system to ensure straight and plumb walls. Soldier and whaler systems are a basic principle that has been used by tradesmen for centuries but not always applied.

TIMELESS APPEARANCE – The timeless appearance of large masonry blocks, 600mm Long by 400mm high by 400mm deep is a great advantage of this product.

LESS ON-SITE WASTE, LESS INTERUPTION – With blocks, we only carry to site what is required on site, As well as this being good for site access, no on-site room needs to be made for mixing pads, form work and in-situ building of the rammed earth. The blocks are simply stacked in position and quickly.

RAMMED EARTH G BLOCK SYSTEM – timeless appearance, for landscaping and buildings

 STRONG & QUICK – Our EARTH BLOCKS are made at our manufacturing facility. Our system achieves a more consistent and stronger product through a safer and more manageable process.The blocks are then transported to site and lifted into position. They may be dry stacked, bonded together or incorporate a steel or concrete post section.


The following windows, bookshelves, doors, fire places and bench-tops are all examples of components that can give your home a unique individuality.

Building Components
Anything that can be drawn we can make!
Broad experience in a range of mediums and CAD design and manufacturing means if you can imagine it, we can build it.